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September 28 to October 2, 2020

BuyFood Toscana

An event to promote international knowledge of the excellent agri-food products of the Tuscany region, such as DOP, IGO and Agriquality, through activities involving companies, protection consortia and product promotion associations.



Domestic and foreign buyers will meet local companies


Tuscan high quality food companies


First edition. Find out what happened!

BuyFood Toscana 2020 edition

The event took place from September 28 to October 2, 2020.

BuyFood Toscana is the event dedicated to the international promotion of certified quality, DOP, IGP and Agri-quality food products of the Tuscany Region. A virtual B2b workshop took place, as well a series of other events reserved for the media.

The 2020 edition was held in a digital format, with some excursions into the real agricultural world with its products of excellence, held in complete safety.

The objective of the event is to increase knowledge and appreciation for the agri-food excellence of the region, namely the 31 DOP and IGP Tuscan products, as well as the certified Agri-quality products. The aim is also to expand the international network of companies and to consolidate knowledge at a national level.

BuyFood Toscana is an event by the Regione Toscana (Tuscany Region) and the Camera di Commercio di Firenze (Florence Chamber of Commerce), organized by Fondazione Sistema ToscanaPromoFirenze.

Cooking Show 2020

BuyFood Toscana’s main objective is to promote B2B meetings between Tuscan representatives and international buyers within a new format: meeting workshops on a digital platform.

The around 50 Tuscan companies that produce and market the products were selected through public communication. The buyers are commercial operators, both national and international, from the target markets currently of interest, the importers, distributors, agents, Horeca etc. were also specially selected for the event.

The meetings, following accurate profiling and matching, are structured according to an agenda with precisely allocated time slots.

The virtual nature of the event didn’t prevent buyers from tasting DOP, IGP and Agri-quality products: BuyFood sent samples of the products to European, Russian and Israeli buyers, so that they could taste them directly with the producers during the meetings.

In addition, BuyFood offered participants the opportunity to make a company presentation video. Each buyer could watch the video before the meetings to gain firsthand knowledge of the company.

Prosciutto Toscano
Buyfood 2020
After the success of the 2019 editionBuyFood Toscana was reconfirmed for 2020 as the showcase for Tuscany’s agri-food excellence. In addition to B2B meetings, registered participants are also offered much more:
  • seminars were enabled for registered companies and related consortia and protection associations on digital marketing strategies and the optimal use of social and media communication;
  • opening event and press conferenceof BuyFood 2020 took place on Tuesday September 29 in the prestigious complex of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena. Following an opening video there was the official ceremony with the presence of the authorities and organizing bodies, and the presentation of data on sector trends;
  • two digital events took place on September 30, 2020. The first was held in English in the morning, dedicated to foreign journalists and influencers. The second, in the afternoon, was dedicated to the Italian press. Two expert chefs hosted a cooking show that was revealed through their recipes, experiences and connections “in the field” with the products and territories, the agri-food excellence of Tuscany. Participating journalists were involved directly while the chefs conducted the cooking show set in the beautiful Loggia dei Nove in the center of Siena;
  • a press tour in the area, organized with full attention to safety;

Discover the Consortia and Protection Associations participating in the second edition 2020 of BuyFood Toscana.


The event took place from September 28 to October 2, 2020.



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Both the opening event and the two cooking shows were streamed on digital channels connected to the event. This allowed remote participation, not only for foreign buyers and journalists, but also for food lovers and any interested party.

BuyFood Toscana is an event by

Organized by Fondazione Sistema Toscana and PromoFirenze

With the support of Assocamere Estero and Extraordinary True Italian Taste + the Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce